Dr. Cranska Uses Innovative Methods To Comfort Patients


Many people are scared of the dentist, and for good reason. The sound of whining drills and torturous scalpels does not offer much appeal. But at Dr. Jeffrey Cranska’s Family and Laser Dentistry, there is no reason to be afraid. For nearly 40 years, the practitioner has used high-tech methods to ensure the maximum comfort of patients.

Cranska began his foray into the industry nearly four decades ago, when he realized that he was more interested in dentistry than his chemistry degree. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1979, Cranska opened a practice in Cape St. Claire. He moved to Arnold in 1994 and Severna Park in 2005. In January, the Arnold resident will celebrate his 10th year in Severna Park and his 35th anniversary of business in Anne Arundel County.

“Dentistry is going corporate now,” Cranska said. “But when you come into my office, you’re going to see me, not anybody else.”

The solo dental practice owner uses innovative methods to treat gum disease and other issues in a minimally invasive way. Because of this, all parts of the teeth and mouth are kept intact, and individuals don’t have to worry about that incessant drill noise or other sources of discomfort.

“I’ve always been a high-tech dentist,” Cranska noted. “We try to do conservative dentistry. We want the body to heal itself the best it can, so we try to preserve the tooth as much as possible.”

Cranska is able to achieve this – and perform numerous other preventive, restorative and cosmetic surgery services - using Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). In 1999, he became one of the first 10 dentists in the world to utilize the groundbreaking method. Advances in technology have made lasers highly successful in performing numerous dental procedures.

“We use a laser for cosmetics and changing the shapes of gums,” Cranska revealed. “And we use it for removing crowns. With the laser, there is no bleeding.”

The laser has become particularly useful in removing ceramic crowns and veneers that are bonded or cemented in the mouth. Cranska said many dentists have difficulty removing the crown without damaging the tooth, but he is able to shine a laser on the tooth to crack the cement without causing any harm. One man traveled from Tokyo to the Severna Park office to have Cranska perform this exact procedure because he didn’t want another dentist to cause irreparable damage.

Because of his expertise, Cranska teaches others about laser procedures, mostly in New York, Los Angeles and Denver. “It’s all live surgery on live patients,” he said.

Cranska also educates the public about dental health through columns that are published in Dentistry Today and the Health section of the Pasadena Voice. The dental office is now accepting new patients.

For more information, visit www.cranska.com, or contact Dr. Cranska’s office at 410-975-9331 or familylaserdentistry@outlook.com. Family Laser Dentistry is located in Suite #305 of the Ritchie Court Office Building at 877 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard in Severna Park.

“New patients become part of your extended family. People I saw 35 years ago now bring their kids in,” Cranska observed. “Last year, I had patients from 2 years old to a woman that was 102. This is definitely a family dental office.”


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