William Lowry Named Interim Police Chief

Lowry has 47 years of public safety experience. He first served in the Anne Arundel County Police Department as assistant chief to Kevin Davis in 2013.
Restaurants Allowed To Open For Outdoor Seating; Retail Business Opening Moved Up To May 29
Pittman will sign two executive orders to put these new policies in place.
Steuart Pittman Announces Additional Phase One Actions for Retail Businesses
Barber shops, beauty salons and other “non-essential” retail businesses will open on June 1.
COVID Pandemic Forces Pittman To Forgo Luxury With FY2021 Budget
The $1.7 billion FY2021 budget comes at a time for fiscal restraint. Health and human services was one area that will get a funding …
School System Adds Nine Locations To Meals Program
Changes in guidance at the state level have provided Anne Arundel County Public Schools with the opportunity to expand the meals …
A Message From The Anne Arundel County Food Bank
The Anne Arundel County Food Bank supports the local community and needs immediate help in terms of volunteer time and in-kind food …
School System Expands Meals Program
Children who go to any of the 31 school sites from noon to 12:30pm Monday through Friday or the 21 additional mobile meals will …