GORC Player Wyatt Scores Touchdown To Remember


GORC 90-pound football player Jalen Wyatt realized a dream on October 12, and both his Wildcat teammates and opponents from the Pasadena Bucs experienced valuable lessons of sportsmanship, gratitude, compassion and respect.

Wyatt, who is a member of the 90-pound Wildcats and attends every game and practice but cannot compete in live play due to a health condition, was given the opportunity to have his dream come true and compete in an official game for one special play.

Through collaboration between GORC coach Jason Clarke and Bucs coach Ray Mills, who were childhood friends and met playing football, it was made possible for Wyatt to enter the game for an offensive play. Aside from the coaches, no one knew that Wyatt would be entering the game on that day.

Once into the game, Wyatt lined up in the backfield, received a handoff from his brother, Kellan Wyatt, and ran 60 yards for a GORC touchdown, his teammates blocking in front of him as his friends, family and the Bucs players and coaches on the opposite side of the field cheered him on.

Following the play, Wyatt received congratulations from his teammates and the Bucs’ players. Handshakes and high-fives were exchanged between both teams, and everyone involved shared in the special moment.

“This one event is my proudest moment as a coach,” said Clarke. “Many of us learned the true meaning of sportsmanship and camaraderie.”


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