Cult BBQ Classic


Looks like MEAT is back on the table!

Bring your tastebuds down to Cult Classic and enter the People's Choice judging competition to select the best BBQ on Kent Island.
Admission is $10 and includes unlimited samples.

Doors will open at 12:30pm and guests have two hours to sample and vote for their favorites.

Cult BBQ Classic Rules:
Judges competition requires a rib dish with minimum of 8 pieces for turn in. Entries will be turned inside an 8”x 8” container supplied at Friday check in. Turn in will be judged for appearance, tenderness, and taste and judged on a blind system. Judges turn in will be Saturday at noon.

Peoples Choice competition will require (2) two 10lb minimum pork shoulders, and ready to serve to public between 12:30-2:30. Unlimited samples of pulled pork will be handed out to peoples choice ticket holders in 2oz sample cups. Gloves and masks are always required while handing out samples. Ticket holders will vote for their favorite entry.


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