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2014 Y Camp Overview

"Skills such as character building are inherent in the camp environment. More importantly, research tells us that this growth lasts well beyond the camp experience and becomes a lifelong attribute."
— Peg Smith, Chief Executive Officer for the American Camp Association


The Y is the leader in summer fun because we literally invented summer camp.  But we also understand that a quality camp experience is much more than that.  At the Y, summer camp is infused with opportunities for children to learn life lessons, make new friends and discover new things about the world, other people and themselves.  

With a wide selection of offerings including: traditional day camp for children in grades K-6; teen camps for youth in grades 7-12; Specialty camps such as robotics, creative expression or sports that allow campers to more deeply explore an area of interest, and; overnight camp that immerses children in the ultimate camping experience.


Summer’s Risks and the Y’s Response:

Summer Slide - Decades of research confirm that summer learning loss is real. The average summer learning loss in math and reading for American students amounts to one month per year. More troubling is that it disproportionately affects low-income students: they lose two months of reading skills, while their higher-income peers make slight gains. (Rand Corporation)

A study from Johns Hopkins University of students in Baltimore found that about two-thirds of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income ninth graders could be explained by summer learning loss during the elementary school years. This learning loss is cumulative and has a tremendous impact on students’ success, including high school completion, post-secondary education and work force preparedness.

The Y’s  Response:  Each week of Y Summer Camp is filled with the opportunity to learn and discover.  Through thoughtfully developed, theme-based experiences, the Y keeps imaginations growing and minds working.  The theme for summer 2014 is “Around the World in 49 Days.”  Each week campers will explore a new locale including cultures, eco-systems, traditions, and histories.  Examples include:

Egypt – Discovery mummies, hieroglyphics and pyramids

Antarctic, Siberia – Learn the science behind water and ice

Africa, Serengeti – Identify the many creatures of the jungle


Inactivity and Weight Gain- Children gain weight two or three times faster and Body Mass Index (BMI) twice as fast during the summer than during the school year.  A less structured day, with extended amounts of time engaged in sedentary activities and limited supervision about food intake all contribute to this issue. (Von Hippel, Powell, Downey and Rowland, 2007)

The Y’s Response:  In addition to regular opportunities to swim, hike, explore and play games, special activities related to each week’s theme such as yoga or dance involve exercise.  Integrated into the Y summer Camp experience is Fit n Fun, the Y’s fitness and nutrition education program that employs game-based play designed to promote the connection between fitness and fun and nutrition lessons developed by a registered dietician that focus on  healthy nutrition choices.


Quality and Accreditation: 

Most Y Summer Camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, which means we run our camps according to the policies, procedures and practices that have been accepted as the best in the industry.  We voluntarily go through rigorous inspections by outside professionals to ensure we exceed up to 300 standards including; state licensing regulations in health, safety, cleanliness, programming, staff qualifications and training, and emergency management plans.


Reach of Y Summer Camp:  Over the 2013, ten week Y Summer Camp season, nearly 4,500 Central Maryland children and youth attend one of 20 Y Summer Camp locations.  

In Anne Arundel County, the Y served 1,861 campers at 4 camp locations. (there will be 5 locations in 2014)


Commitment to Vulnerable Families:  The Y is committed to removing financial barriers for financially vulnerable families.  Of the 4,500 children participating in Y Summer Camp in 2013, the Y awarded nearly $241,259 in needs based financial assistance to 663 children from families living at or below the poverty line.


In Anne Arundel County, the Y awarded $6,464 to 36 campers from financially vulnerable families.  The average award subsidizes 5 weeks of Y Summer Camp.

More help is always needed as each year requests for aid exceed what is raised.

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