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  • Last month, the Laurel-based Central Maryland Regional Transit agency (formerly known as Connect-A-Ride) revealed a complete company rebrand, which included a revitalizing makeover of its buses and bus stop signs.
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    Last month, the Laurel-based Central Maryland Regional Transit agency (formerly known as Connect-A-Ride) revealed a complete company rebrand, which included a revitalizing makeover of its buses and bus stop signs.

Central Maryland Regional Transit Unveils Rebranding

Hayley Gable Bowerman
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May 7, 2013

The Central Maryland Regional Transit Corporation (CMRT), a community-wide bus service that has supported the transit needs of suburban travelers in Anne Arundel, Howard and Prince George’s counties since 1987, recently announced and unveiled the complete rebranding of its agency and transit service formerly known as Connect-A-Ride.

Since taking over as CEO last September, Jim Perez has ensured that CMRT remains focused on improving all aspects of customer transit experiences. The rebranding of the company was one project CMRT felt was necessary to improve their customer experience and public image.

“We decided to rebrand our agency to improve the customer experience by creating a new look and feel that will make our services more accessible to passengers. The primary reason for our rebranding can be summed up through our new slogan – ‘Connecting the Region, Creating Community,’” explained Alexandra Dupree, CMRT’s marketing coordinator.

In addition to a new logo, the rebranding has included a rejuvenated look for the buses on the fixed-route service, previously known as Connect-A-Ride, which has been renamed and is now called Central Maryland Regional Transit. “The new design makes our buses more easily identifiable to passengers,” Dupree noted.

The transit company’s bus stop signs, which are scattered throughout West County, have also been completely redesigned to include the new logo as well as a phone number passengers can text in order to locate the bus for which they’re waiting.

The fixed-route transit service also operates a subscription bus for all employees commuting to and from Fort Meade. “The subscription bus model is unique in that its operation costs are completely supported by its riders, requiring zero public subsidies. Since July 2012, CMRT’s Subscription Bus has had over 15,000 boardings on just a single route,” Dupress said. In late May, CMRT will begin a new commuter route between Carroll County and Fort Meade.

The transit service also now offers mobility solutions to its passengers, such as the Transportation Resource Information Point (TRIP) and the Travel Training program. TRIP is a one-call/one-click resource center for all transportation information in the Baltimore-Washington region. TRIP can be accessed online at or through the call center at 1-877-331-TRIP (8747).

The Travel Training program empowers seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans and low-income residents to explore fixed-route transportation options via a train-the-trainer approach. Travel Trainers work with human services agencies, schools, senior centers and nonprofit organizations in training their staff members who, in turn, train the clients and students they support. Anyone interested in obtaining more information about the Travel Training program or scheduling free training can contact Travel Training Team Leader Julie Rosekrans at 240-581-5789 or

For the past 25 years, the Laurel-based Central Maryland Regional Transit has connected Anne Arundel, Howard and Prince George’s counties, and has even teamed up with other transit agencies such as MTA and WMATA to branch out more widely across Maryland. “These cross-jurisdictional connections allow our passengers to travel from home to work, school, medical and social service appointments throughout the central Maryland region. In this fiscal year, we will have provided transit services to nearly 2 million passengers system wide, operating on a budget of $15.9 million,” Dupree said.

In the next six months, CMRT will release a detailed plan explaining how they will expand and improve services throughout Anne Arundel County by increasing efficiencies and leveraging public-private partnerships.

While the transit company’s recent rebranding may have introduced a new look, their missions remain the same: provide cost-effective and quality transportation services to clients with diverse community needs; be an advocate for the relationships between transportation, economic vitality and quality of life; promote effective transportation solutions to enhance economic strength; and be the regional transportation information clearinghouse.

For more information on the transportation services offered by Central Maryland Regional Transit, visit

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