April 27, 2017
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South River Students Design “Tiny House”

Written by Zach Sparks | January 12, 2016

Sixteen students in Mr. Bartek's Green Architecture and Sustainable Design class at South River High School have partnered with Mr. Turek’s construction class at the Center of Applied Technology South to design and build a fully functional, mobile “tiny home.” Similar to a normal house but with a focus on a minimalist and environmentally friendly lifestyle, the tiny home will be donated to Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center in Millersville and used for staff housing and as an educational tool for visiting students.

The STEM seniors have set a $2,500 fundraising goal for items needed for construction and furnishing the house. A solar energy inverter is needed as well as a plumber and electrician to help with installation of plumbing and electrical systems in the tiny house. Check out the GoFundMe page for more details or to see how you can help. For more information about Arlington Echo, visit www.arlingtonecho.org.

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